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cocot38mini 3D print case [Built-to-Order]

cocot38mini 3D print case [Built-to-Order]

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This is a built-to-order page for 3d printed case of cocot38mini. Please make sure you read the buildguide and notes below before you place an order.

* cocot38mini kit is required to assemble.

* It will take 1-2 months to ship after you place an order.

* This case is designed for 25mm trackball. 25.4mm or other sized ball may not work correctly.

* Customers may place their own orders using open-sourced 3d data. We assume no responsibility for 3D printed parts ordered by customers.

* The price of this product is higher than the price you would pay if you ordered it yourself, because it takes into account shipping costs, various taxes, the defect rate of 3D printed parts, and the time required for inspection and packaging.

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